Warree Flamin Gotcha

Warree Flamin Gotcha @HKS (import Australie)
Surnom: Pierre

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Surnom: Pierre
Mere: Warree Flamin Terra
Pere: Awestaff Flamin Wallace
Nee: 26.01.2012
Dentition: DCC Taille: 43 cm Poids: 18 kg
Test: L2HGA et HC Clear

Son PEDIGREE sur ce lien:

*Rzeszow novembre 2013- classe intermediaire - 3eme EXC
*Radom 19 mai 2013-classe intermediaire- 1 er EXC + CWC, juge: KOZLOWSKA Magdalena
*Zakroczym, Bull type national show 25 mai 2013 -classe intermediaire - EXC , juge: Danny GILMOUR (UK)
*Radom 22 sept 2012-classe intermediaire- 1 er EXC + CWC, juge: KITLINSKI Zdzislaw
*Zakroczym, Bull type terrier club show 14 juillet 2013 -classe intermediaire- 3 eme EXC, juge: Craig SCANLAN (UK)
Comments: "Smart red dog, correct head shape and size, round eye, ear set correctly and carriage.
Good front with well placed shoulders. Strong, compact body in fit condition,
moved well. Nomination: best head